Project Overview

Qudos Bank required the development of a Customer Engagement Strategy and roadmap of initiatives to provide a clear and well-defined plan of action to strengthen Qudos' position in the market and contribute to its core value - 'Customer First'.

But first, a comprehensive CX Audit needed to be undertaken to clearly define the current state experience and identify the gaps, challenges and opportunities present.

The subsequent strategy defined a customer lifecycle for Qudos, which was used to build a framework for a customer-first approach to engagement across all stages.

Customer Objective

Enhance my overall experience with Qudos Bank to boost my satisfaction and loyalty while supporting me to achieve my financial goals.

Business Objective

Strengthen Qudos Bank's market position by adopting a 'Customer First' approach, aiming to differentiate the bank, increase customer retention, grow customer value, improve operational efficiency, enhance brand reputation, and ensure long-term sustainability.

Qudos Bank

Qudos Bank, originally founded as 'Qantas Staff Credit Union' by Qantas employees in 1959, has grown to become one of Australia's largest customer-owned banks, with branches in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.


Banking & Financial Service

Company size:


Collaborated with T&H:

2022 - ongoing

Qudos Bank CX Audit and Customer Engagement Strategy Approach

The project consisted of two (2) phases;

Discover Phase: T&H initially undertook a full CX audit of Qudos Bank’s existing customer touch points and a competitor review to understand the competitor landscape.

The CX Audit was a complete business-wide immersion looking at the broader existing business strategies, product and service offerings, all marketing and communications, customer service channels, existing customer journeys, audience profiles, channel usage and technical capabilities.

Design Phase: Key insights, findings and gaps from the discovery phase then helped shape the resulting Customer Engagement Strategy and roadmap of initiatives.

The Customer Engagement Strategy provided the framework for Qudos to focus its CX efforts, as well as a roadmap of initiatives mapped to the customer lifecycle and prioritised over multiple horizons to help them achieve their vision.

Qudos Bank CX Audit and Customer Engagement Strategy Results and output

The key deliverables for this body of work were the initial CX Audit playback, which included current state journey maps, insights, findings and recommendations. And a future-focused Customer Engagement Strategy and roadmap of initiatives.

As part of the prioritised roadmap of initiatives, T&H put forward several implementation options, ranging from full internal implementation to a blended Qudos and T&H implementation model.

Following the completion of the project, Qudos Bank and T&H continue to work together to deliver the roadmap of initiatives, helping to strengthen Qudos’ position in the market and live its core value - ‘Customer First’.

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