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CX specialists launch rebranded agency: ‘Tortoise & Hare CX Agency’

Our new journey begins

On May 31 2022, 'AM-i Customer Engagement Agency' rebranded as 'Tortoise & Hare CX Agency'. The rebranding and streamlining of our service offering will allow us to better collaborate and service Australia's leading customer-obsessed brands.

Inspired by the fabled Tortoise & Hare, our new positioning reflects the true nature of rewarding relationships - that they are built on genuine, consistent effort over the long term.


In an age where everything is measured by the minute, we wanted to develop a brand that's about going the distance. We aren't interested in reactive tactics to hit daily sales targets. We are in the business of building lifetime value and loyalty.

Oliver Stewart

What sets us apart?

Led by Angela Cobb, Oliver Stewart, and Nicholas Wonders, Tortoise & Hare CX Agency has some of Australia's top marketing talent backed by senior marketing specialists.

A crucial part of how we differentiate our approach and ethos stems from the fact that our core team has all worked both agency and client-side.

We channel this unique perspective to deliver what our clients need, not what the agency "thinks they need".

When we say we get our clients challenges - we mean it. Our ability to understand their context whilst remaining an objective third-party makes us invaluable. We've all been told at some point that we're mad to go back agency side. But this is what sets us apart - we get business because we've been in business!

Angela Cobb

Big clients, local talent

Everyday Rewards, nib, Cashrewards, Roche and W23 (Woolworths venture capital arm) are just some of the brands that benefit from our unique expertise and end-to-end service offering.

Tortoise & Hare CX Agency is also emblematic of the post-COVID shift. We see senior talent looking for a way to continue working with exciting, innovative clients while also enjoying the pace of a regional community.

Newcastle is truly a hub for innovation. We're grateful to be a part of it and passionate about seeing it grow. What we're seeing is senior marketing talent leaving the big cities. If you can enjoy the benefits of exciting client work with industry leaders and the ability to raise your family in a beautiful coastal paradise like Newcastle, why wouldn't you?

Nicholas Wonders

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'Tortoise & Hare CX Agency' and 'AM-i Customer Engagement Agency' are business names of Australian Marketing Initiatives Pty. Ltd. 'Tortoise & Hare' is a trademark of Australian Marketing Initiatives Pty. Ltd.