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Case studies from the leading edge of Loyalty in Australia

Loyalty case studies

Welcome to Tortoise & Hare CX Agency Loyalty Project Case Studies Showcase.

At Tortoise & Hare, we've been fortunate enough to collaborate with some of Australia's largest Loyalty Programs, including, Everyday Rewards (Woolworths), Dan Murphy's My Dans, ANZ Rewards, Myer one, and Velocity Frequent Flyer (Virgin). We're excited to be able to share our insights and learnings from these experiences. And hope that they help shape and further your understanding of Loyalty and that of your brand.

We're big believers in the idea that Loyalty is not limited to a program but is the outcome of a customer's entire experience. This is why we think as a CX Agency we're uniquely positioned to collaborate with businesses on their loyalty initiatives.

Have a browse of our Loyalty case studies covering everything from proposition design and development to program delivery. You'll see examples of strategic consulting, industry analysis, proposition design, qualitative & quantitative research, brand development & design, launch marketing & engagement plans, project management, request for tender (RFT) support, business analysis, technology consultation & solution design, business process design, change management, team training & enablement, implementation support, and platform considerations – all in the context of transformative business loyalty programs.

Our customer-centric approach lies at the core of every loyalty project we undertake. As you delve into our case studies, you'll witness firsthand how leading Australian brands have elevated their customer loyalty game with our tailored solutions. From conceptualizing innovative loyalty programs to leveraging data-driven insights, our team thrives on delivering measurable results.


Why Choose Tortoise & Hare CX Agency?

At Tortoise & Hare, we are committed to delivering exceptional loyalty initiatives that drive meaningful results. Our case studies demonstrate how we leverage innovative strategies, creative thinking, and advanced digital services to propel our clients' businesses forward.


Looking to Elevate Your Brand's Customer Experience?

Interested in learning more about a specific loyalty case study? Or wish to know more about collaborating with Tortoise & Hare CX Agency to create lasting connections with your customers, improve brand loyalty, and drive future growth. Get in touch below to start your journey toward a more customer-centric future.

Endeavour Group Loyalty App UX Design
Endeavour X (Endeavour Group)

Endeavour Group Loyalty App UX Design

T&H collaborated with Endeavour Group to develop a seamless & user-centric onboarding experience to reduce gambling harm & maximise customer satisfaction & engagement in ALH's loyalty app experience

Everyday Rewards omnichannel strategy
Woolworths (Everyday Rewards)

Building Everyday Rewards’ omnichannel experience.

The project involved in-depth sessions with product, customer behaviour and research squads, and a digital channel audit exploring existing customer behaviour, business process and channel practices. The resulting omnichannel framework defined digital channels' role in an agile environment and embedded customer-centricity into the rewards program customer experience.

Bupa digital campaigns

Bupa's customer retention agency

T&H was Bupa's engagement customer agency for over three years. T&H supported across strategy and planning to execute over 80 omnichannel marketing campaigns.

NRL research insights

Building a generation of loyal rugby league fans with NRL

Tortoise & Hare partnered with the NRL, its stakeholders and its broad participant base to build a customer loyalty and engagement strategy focused on driving future business growth for the game through its grassroots supporter base.

Cashrewards SEO content examples

Growing Cashrewards’ member base with SEO

Implementing our SEO and content methodology to provide end-to-end SEO support. From an initial audit and strategic development to ongoing content execution and support.

MYER onboarding email suite
MYER one

Strategic thinking and creative development of a customer onboarding journey

Develop a targeted, personalised onboarding experience to; educate new customers on the value of the MYER one program and increase customer activation and average spend.

Everyday Rewards customer lifecycle strategy
Woolworths (Everyday Rewards)

Driving value across the customer lifecycle with Everyday Rewards

After reviewing the existing customer lifecycle and customer experience, and the underlying commercial value model, a novel and dynamic customer lifecycle framework was developed and implemented across the Woolworths’ Everyday Rewards ecosystem.

Cashrewards persona insights

Developing customer personas through qualitative and quantitative research

Customer personas allow for delivering a more relevant product, marketing and customer experience that matches member expectations and offers more profound business value.

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