Project Overview

Following a temporary COVID-19 induced pause to all sporting activities, Volleyball NSW needed an image and communications overhaul 'to aid recovery of our community'. Tortoise & Hare worked with Volleyball NSW to review their overarching customer engagement approach and redesign their brand, communications and website.

Customer objective

Improve our communications and engagement methods with our 3,500 members and 35+ affiliated clubs and organisations to enhance the stakeholder experience.

Business Objective

We are embarking on a new organisational growth and sophistication phase. We need to overhaul our marketing and communications to enhance stakeholder experience and drive growth in members and revenue.

Volleyball NSW

A 'member-based state sporting organisation' with the sole focus of growing participation and engagement of volleyball in NSW, Australia and the world. Volleyball NSW leads, partners, and supports a community of over 3,500 members and 35+ affiliated clubs and associations.


Spectator Sports, Community Organisation

Company size:

20+ employees, 3,500 members and 35+ affiliated clubs

Collaborated with T&H:


Volleyball NSW communications strategy overhaul

Volleyball NSW has an ambitious vision for how it wants to grow the game and engage participants in the sport. A key part of achieving this vision was overhauling their brand and go-to-market strategy and approach. 

  • This project delivered end-to-end support from strategy through to execution, including:
  • A current state audit of their existing brand and communications approach, as well as a competitor review,
  • Development of a strategic positioning and brand identity as part of a series of collaborative workshops,
  • Refreshing the look and feel of Volleyball NSW's brand architecture and relevant sub-brands, 
  • Managing their website refresh and migration, and 
  • Strategic development of a 12-month communication plan. 
Volleyball NSW rebrand

 The refreshed brand and communications approach was launched to market prior to the 2020/1 Tokyo Olympics games, allowing the organisation to capitalise on the increased interest in the sport globally.

The communications strategy and new website, combined with the coincided timing with the Olympics, saw a massive uptick in website traffic and engagement metrics (12mn post vs 12mn pre relaunch);

36.1% increase in sessions per user and 54.8% increase in new users, contributing to a 104.9% increase in website sessions, and 

58.0% increase in average session duration and 25.1% decrease in bounce rate.

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