Project Overview

Modern Star is on a journey to optimise its current customer experience (CX). A key pillar in their FY22-25 strategy is, understanding the current gaps and pain points in the CX for their flagship brand, Modern Teaching Aids (MTA), and identifying opportunities to become a customer-first business.

The customer experience audit was phase one in a broader CX optimisation project that Modern Star partnered with Tortoise & Hare on.

Customer objective

To create a frictionless and valuable experience for the customer when shopping with MTA by better understanding their needs, wants and behaviours.

Business Objective

To efficiently and effectively acquire new customers, grow share of wallet and retain existing customers.

Modern Star

The Modern Star Group has evolved into Australia’s number one partner and supplier of education resources, becoming entrenched in the fabric of the teaching community in both Australia and New Zealand. Modern Star aims to inspire children’s learning and creativity through their passion for people, quality and service.


Education Resources

Company size:

400+ employees

Collaborated with T&H:

2022 - ongoing

T&H Services:
Customer experience (CX) audit
Customer journey mapping
Qualitative research
Industry analysis


MTA B2B CX audit and journey mapping findings

The CX audit comprised of 3 stages:

Market position review: This project began by gaining an understanding of Modern Teaching Aids (MTA) current market position and taking a close look at what their key competitors are doing across each customer segment.

1:1 interviews: From here, in-depth 1:1 interviews were completed with key staff members from across the business. The 1:1s provided an opportunity to gain rich insights into the current state of the customer experience from the front-line team and those in direct contact with MTA customers.

Journey & data mapping: The final step involved mapping the end-to-end customer experience across the entire lifecycle. T&H undertook a mystery shopping exercise, and audited MTA’s digital channels, which together with insights from the 1:1 interviews and reviewing business documentation, came together to form a detailed master customer journey, mapped by channel and lifecycle stage. To complement the journey map, a high level data map was also produced to tie findings back to key data insights and intel.

MTA B2B CX audit and journey strategic insights

We delivered a robust evaluation and detailed journey map of the current state of the Modern Teaching Aids (MTA) customer experience, exploring the interaction of their various go-to-market channels across the entire customer lifecycle. 

The findings of this audit were used to identify key areas of focus for their business to improve their customer experience.

In collaboration with MTA, clear and strategic opportunities were identified and prioritised, balancing short-term ‘quick wins’ with longer-term ‘step change’ initiatives, giving the client a clear and actionable roadmap to optimise their CX.

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