Project Overview

Focused on putting a face to current and prospective Cashrewards members, this project helped understand the perceptions, needs, wants, behaviours and motivations of current and ideal Cashrewards customers. Both qualitative and quantitative research was integrated within the process to develop detailed customer personas that had practical marketing and product applications. 

Customer objective

The delivery of a more relevant product, marketing and customer experience that matches member expectations and delivers deeper business value.

Business Objective

From a quantitative research perspective, the business goal was to measure, define and profile key shopper segments. And secondly, from a qualitative research perspective to investigate product development opportunities within priority segments.


Cashrewards is Australia’s largest cashback rewards program -  built on sharing joy with its members, merchants and partners. Cashrewards takes the time to understand their different audiences and figure out the best way to create real moments of joy at every touchpoint, for every customer.


Loyalty, Retail

Company size:

ASX listed prior to acquisition by ANZ. 200+ employees

Collaborated with T&H:

Early 2020 - ongoing

Cashrewards persona insights

Phase 1: Quantitative research was undertaken with a representative sample of Cashrewards’ existing member base and a nationally representative sample of the serviceable available market. Two surveys were deployed, with questions tailored to each audience but designed to ensure results were comparable where possible to identify any points of tension and alignment in the profiles, shopping behaviour and motivations of members and non-members.

Phase 2: Following the quantitative research, draft customer personas were developed, and the audiences that represented the best opportunity for further product development and refinement were selected for phase 2. Qualitative research was then undertaken with a combination of 8 members and non-members via in-depth one-on-one interviews.

Cashrewards Persona technology insights

The final output of this project was a detailed set of prioritised customer personas for Cashrewards. This was paired with a strategic outline of priority opportunities to pursue in order to attract, engage and retain their key audience profiles. 

These customer personas have had wide-ranging flow-on effects and as well as being used to better target and engage audiences with marketing. This work has also been used to guide a refined product positioning for Cashrewards and directly fed into the development of a brand refresh and relaunch.

Courtney Bain - Product Marketing Lead Cashrewards

The team did a fantastic job helping us develop our first-ever personas at Cashrewards. Prior to this project, we had a lot of assumptions about who our Shoppers were and needed robust insights to guide critical product and marketing decisions. The quality of the research and analysis has meant we've used this intel time and time again. 

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