Project Overview

To accelerate business growth, nib needed to unlock customer perceptions that the brand was only about one thing: insurance payouts. To better live out their purpose and become the trusted health and wellbeing partner, they wanted to make headway in how to gain insight into what value means to all of their members.

Customer Objective

Helping members experience and get more value from brand engagement communications.

Business Objective

Build a framework to systematically test and validate the current and potentially expanded marketing campaign suite to inform the future next best action decisioning engine.


nib is a health insurer on a mission - connecting people to the right information and tools needed to make informed decisions about their health. To realise this mission nib is advancing its digital platform capabilities, including leveraging machine learning to engage members in a whole new way.


Health Insurance, Health & Pharmaceuticals, Loyalty

Company size:


Collaborated with T&H:

2021 - ongoing

nib Test and Learn Framework Approach

We worked with the nib team through audit and framework delivery to craft an operationalised testing framework built around a continuous improvement approach that creates a unique ability to learn, respond and optimise while working towards long-term transformational and business objectives. The brief called for a unified plan to develop, implement and capture learnings that could be shared more broadly internally to implement machine learning-based capabilities. We responded with a clear process, lifecycle-based test and learn placemats and consolidated baseline health metrics to test campaign performance against.

nib Test and Learn Framework Output

In addition to the test and learn plan, we were able to demonstrate the process and framework in action, leveraging existing campaigns requiring validation giving the nib team a headstart on putting the test and learn framework into action.

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