Project Overview

An end-to-end website build covering user experience (UX) research and prototyping, user interface (UI) design and website development.

Customer objective

As a start-up business raising capital, help me understand why W23 and the Woolworths Group are perfectly positioned to help financially and more broadly.

Business Objective

Establish a bolstered web presence for W23 that expands upon the content - with flexibility for scale.

W23 (Woolworths Venture Group)

W23 is Woolworths Group venture capital and innovation arm. W23 is tasked with securing new business ventures and technology opportunities for the entire group. They leverage Woolworths assets, data, scale and expertise to identify mutually beneficial opportunities to generate joint value. They're primarily interested in the retail-tech and climate-tech space.


Venture Capital

Company size:

10+ employees, part of the larger ASX listed Woolworths Group 225,000+ employees

Collaborated with T&H:

2019 - ongoing

T&H Services:
UX Research Design
UX Prototyping
UI Design
Website Development
W23 website UX, UI design and development approach

User Experience (UX) research and prototyping

Within the UX design process, we were focused on the interaction between users and the website - concentrated on mobile-first design principles. This process bridged the gap between the user, the design/development process and the business objectives.
The UX phase was focused on ensuring the website is usable, enjoyable and accessible for the primary and secondary target audiences. The final output of the UX phase was an interactive prototype of the final website user experience.

User Interface design

Once UX designs were finalised, we took the prototype into UI design. Our focus was not only on overlaying and bringing to life the W23 brand in a digital environment. But also defining and stress testing the design's various elements and edge cases before development. Our resulting UI designs provided a comprehensive blueprint for the front-end development of the site. 


The website frontend was built using Next.js and distributed with Amazon CloudFront. This mix of well-supported, contemporary technology ensures the codebase is future-proofed, whilst also achieving great performance, durability and SEO.

The foundations are built using Amazon Elastic Container Service allows us to deliver a powerful mix of scalability, reliability and security. Additionally, through optimising our AWS infrastructure, we have been able to guarantee very low OPEX costs for W23.

W23 website UX, UI design and development results

The project aimed to establish W23 as a business reimagining retail innovation. Through dynamic, fresh, conversational, sharp and clean design, we could better reflect the successes W23 has achieved and offer visual proof to users of the expertise in the market. 

Primarily positioning for start-ups and secondarily for journalists, we created a seamless mobile-first experience that facilitates discovery and understanding of who W23 are and the businesses they choose to invest in.

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