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To improve your User Experience, you should first get to know your users

UX Research will tell you how end-users want to engage and interact with your website, app or digital product. Without it, we’re just guessing.

As a UX Research Agency, we get to know your customers. Deeply. We do some real digging into user behaviours, pain points, motivations, needs and preferences, then use these insights to inform design decisions and create a digital solution your customers will love.

Why does UX Research matter?

Getting to know your end-users on a deeper level to:

  • Align products with user needs, thought processes, and values.
  • Enhance the intuitiveness, accessibility, and enjoyment of user experiences.
  • Effectively discover and address user struggles and frustrations.
  • Confirm the viability of new product ideas and features through testing.
  • Guide design decisions with data-driven insights to meet user expectations.
  • Ensure ease of use and navigation in products, increasing efficiency.
  • Boost conversions by understanding user motivations for actions like purchases or sign-ups.
  • Foster lasting user relationships by creating trust and satisfaction.
  • Avoid costly revisions by identifying developmental issues early.
  • Maintain market competitiveness by keeping up with changing user expectations.

Our UX Research methods

How do we get to know your customers and start conducting User Research? By employing a blend of qualitative, quantitative, and hybrid research methods. Here's what we mean:

Qualitative UX Research methods:

As part of qualitative UX research, we use User Interviews, Focus Groups, and Ethnographic Field Studies to better understand your customers. Through Usability Testing, Persona Development, and Journey Mapping, we capture the subtleties of user behaviour and preferences and bring to light the emotional and psychological factors driving their decisions. This rich, contextual insight is invaluable in crafting a user experience that resonates deeply with your audience, that is not just data-driven but also empathetically aligned with your customers' needs.

Quantitative UX Research methods:

Our quantitative research methods, including Surveys, A/B Testing, and Web Analytics, provide a solid statistical foundation to understand and quantify user behaviours. Techniques like Eye Tracking and Clickstream Analysis offer objective, measurable insights into how users interact with your digital platforms. This approach is pivotal in validating design decisions and optimising user interfaces, ensuring that our strategies are creative and grounded in concrete user data. By leveraging these methods, we ensure that our recommendations are backed by robust data, aligning your digital presence with your audience's behaviours and preferences.

Hybrid UX Research methods:

Embracing the synergy of qualitative and quantitative methods, our hybrid research approach, featuring Diary Studies and Contextual Inquiries, provides a comprehensive view of your customers. This blend allows us to capture individual users' nuanced experiences while gathering broader behavioural trends. Such a multifaceted perspective is crucial in developing a well-rounded understanding of your user base, ensuring our strategies are empathetically informed and statistically validated. With this approach, we can craft user experiences that are not only user-friendly but also deeply reflective of your customer's true needs and behaviours.

Each of these research methods is integral to our process, ensuring that we understand your customers thoroughly and that every solution we propose is crafted with a deep understanding of the people who will use it.

Why partner with our UX Research Agency?

At Tortoise & Hare, we look at UX Research with a broader Customer Experience (CX) lens. That means we see the bigger picture.

This can work both ways – we're able to understand your business's overall customer experience when conducting user research. We're also able to apply what we've learned from our user research in a way that'll elevate the entire customer experience.

We’re experts - Since 2014, we’ve been collaborating with some of Australia’s leading customer-obsessed brands.

We get business - Most of our team have spent time in the shoes of a client. We get it.

We’re with you - We collaborate with you and act as an extension of your business.

A trusted partner to Australia’s leading customer-obsessed brands


Our approach to UX Research

UX Research is rarely conducted in isolation from a broader strategy or project. We use UX research as part of our CX and UX offering to complement our UI and UX Design Services and help businesses make informed decisions about existing and future products and experiences, ultimately elevating the entire Customer Experience.

Our approach will vary depending on the project goals, but here are the steps we usually follow to take a customer-centric approach to UX research:

1. Get to know the customer:

We start by getting to know your customers. We use a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis, gathering data from multiple sources like observations, surveys, Google Analytics, CRM systems, User Testing and more. We use our findings to map the customer journey – identifying and documenting all the touchpoints across the customer lifecycle.

2. Align with your goals:

We collaborate with your team and relevant stakeholders to ensure our Customer Research aligns with your organisational goals. Once we're all on the same page, we're ready to dive into the next steps.

3. Dive into research:

We use a mix of research methods – both qualitative and quantitative – to give us a range of customer insights. We can also track user behaviour over extended periods to understand long-term customer relationships, satisfaction, and retention.

4. Understand emotions:

We're interested in more than just the technical data. We also want to gain emotional insights into your customers' thoughts and feelings. We look at customer reviews, social media, and online interactions and even conduct interviews so we can truly walk a mile in your customer's shoes.

5. Customer life cycle:

We don't just look at how your customers use your digital product. But what happens before that? And what happens after? We're interested in the whole customer lifecycle.

6. Feedback and adapt:

We use our findings and feedback to improve the User Experience – and, more broadly, the Customer Experience. As your customers and business evolve, so should you.

Ready to get inside the hearts and minds of your users?

We empower businesses to make insightful, data-driven decisions regarding their current and future products and experiences to elevate their overall Customer Experience.

At Tortoise & Hare, we partner with leading brands and companies that value their customers – just like we do – and want to create the best possible experience for them. So, if you share our love for creating exceptional digital experiences, we'd love to chat.


UX Research dives deep into how customers interact with your products and services. It'll give you invaluable insights into how end-users want to engage and interact with your website, app or digital product.

UX Research enables you to meet your customer's needs and goals. Getting to know your customers on a deeper level means you can:

  • Tailor products to match the preferences, thought patterns, and core values of users.
  • Improve user experiences by making them more intuitive, accessible, and enjoyable.
  • Validate new product concepts and functionalities via thorough testing.
  • Steer design choices using insights based on data to fulfill user needs.
  • Promote user-friendly and efficient navigation within products.
  • Build enduring connections with users by cultivating trust and ensuring satisfaction.

We adopt a range of UX Research methods to get inside the hearts and minds of your users. This includes quantitative data (like bounce rate, conversions and clicks) and qualitative data (human insights, observations and surveys). We use Customer Journey Mapping and persona development to visualise the end use better and ultimately create an experience they'll love.

UX Research tells you what your customers want or need. By knowing this, you can meet their expectations. Improving a single User Experience can elevate the entire Customer Experience.

We approach UX Research through the broader Customer Experience (CX) perspective. This approach allows us to gain insights into a business's overall Customer Experience while engaging in User Research. Simultaneously, we leverage the knowledge gained from our User Research to enhance and uplift the entire Customer Experience.

Our UX Research methodology has several steps, integrating technical and emotive data to give you the best customer insights. Every project is different, but our UX Research usually includes the following:

  • Customer research.
  • Understanding your goals.
  • Gathering qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Gaining emotional insights.
  • Looking at the customer life cycle.
  • Implementing and adapting our findings.

Yes. Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative data, UX Research will give you findings and insights into the hearts and minds of your customers. It's no longer based on guesswork.

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