Got an inkling your website, app or digital products aren’t working as well as they should be?

Maybe there are design inconsistencies, room to improve your technology or issues with usability, accessibility or functionality. Whatever it is, our UX Audit Agency will get to the bottom of it. We'll take a close look at your digital product – evaluating how end-users interact with it, and reveal areas where it's not meeting their needs. Then, we'll use these insights to provide clear and actionable next steps.

Think of it this way: a UX Audit is a strategic way to align your product/app/website/user interface with user expectations and industry best practices. Solutions won't be based on guesswork – but real insights – helping to create an easy, meaningful and accessible digital experience. The result? More satisfied end-users.

Why conduct a UX Audit?

A UX Audit will identify usability, functionality and accessibility issues, giving you actionable insights to create more satisfied end-users and achieve your business goals.

A UX Audit can…

  • Give you real findings to help with data-driven decision making
  • Keep your customers engaged and boost conversions
  • Increase your business Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Create a more personalised and relatable experience for users
  • Improve website usability and accessibility
  • Increase brand trust, confidence and loyalty
  • Keep you up to date with best practices and the latest technology

Why partner with our UX Audit Agency?

At Tortoise & Hare, we complete our UX Audits from a broader Customer Experience (CX) lens. That means we see the bigger picture.

This can work both ways – we're able to apply a broader understanding of your business's overall customer experience when working on a single user experience. And we're also able to improve a single User Experience that'll elevate the entire Customer Experience.

We’re experts - Since 2014, we’ve been collaborating with some of Australia’s leading customer-obsessed brands.

We get business - Most of our team have spent time in the shoes of a client. We get it.

We’re with you - We collaborate with you and act as an extension of your business.

A trusted partner to Australia’s leading customer-obsessed brands


Our UX Audit process

A UX Audit is only one part of our broader CX offering – it falls into our Product Design and Development Services.

Our UX Audit methodology has several steps, integrating technical, qualitative and quantitative data to give you the best insights into your digital experience. While every client is different, here are the steps we usually follow:

1. Audit Initiation:

We'll chat about your goals, objectives, key performance indicators and what you'd like to get from the UX Audit. We'll also agree on a scope and timeline so everyone's on the same page.

2. In-Depth Research & Analysis:

Our exploration of your existing UX is multifaceted, combining quantitative data like user behaviour analytics with qualitative insights covering users' needs, frustrations and expectations and competitive landscape analysis (reviewing your competitors to understand the industry and where you differ). This approach provides a robust understanding of where you stand and where you need to go.

3. Technical and Heuristic Examination:

We delve into the mechanics of your UX with a detailed technical review, assessing everything from interface usability to adherence to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Parallelly, we conduct a heuristic evaluation, applying established usability principles to pinpoint areas for enhancement.

4. User-Centric Testing:

Actual users are at the heart of our investigation. Through targeted tasks and keen observation, we uncover genuine user interactions supported by tools like heatmaps and click tracking to capture their journey with precision.

5. Synthesis & Prioritisation:

We'll combine our qualitative data, quantitative data and user testing results to form organised insights. Once we've recognised issues, we'll prioritise them based on urgency and impact to create actionable insights and recommendations.

6. Comprehensive Reporting & Roadmap Development:

Our findings and strategic recommendations are presented in a detailed report, complete with a phased action plan for implementation, ensuring you have a clear path forward.

7. Partnership Beyond Delivery:

We're with you for the long run. We'll give you an implementation actionable roadmap so you can plan and implement ongoing improvements. And where you need our ongoing support, Tortoise & Hare will continue collaborating with you.

Ready to look at your User Experience through a strategic lens?

At Tortoise & Hare, we partner with brands and companies that value their customers and want to create the best possible experience for them – just like we do. So, if you’re ready to use real insights to create a meaningful and accessible digital experience, we’d love to chat.


A UX Audit is a way to pinpoint usability, functionality and accessibility issues related to a digital product. It'll reveal which aspects are creating problems and give you actionable insights to encourage more satisfied end-users and achieve your business goals. A UX Audit could also be called a UX Assessment or UX Evaluation.

A good UX Audit will combine quantitative data (bounce rate, conversions and clicks), qualitative data (human insights), competitive analysis (understanding your industry and competitors) and technical analysis (usability, accessibility and performance assessment). These factors combined will provide you with an in-depth view of how users are interacting with your digital product.

There are so many benefits to conducting a website UX Audit. It can:

  • Give you actionable insights to improve customer satisfaction
  • Give you real findings to help with data-driven decision-making
  • Keep your customers engaged and boost conversions
  • Keep you up to date with best practices and technology
  • Create a more personalised and relatable experience for users
  • If you're getting an E-commerce Website Audit, it can ultimately help boost conversions

Our UX Audit methodology has several steps, integrating both technical and emotive data to give you the best insights into your digital experience. Our UX Audit usually includes research and data collection, technical analysis, User Experience Testing, reporting and presentation, and follow-up UX Audits.

It's simple: by pinpointing what's not working as well as it should be, you can make data-driven decisions to improve your UX. These decisions will be based on real insights, no guesswork.

By implementing the roadmap that comes with your UX Audit, you can improve your overall User Experience. A good UX Design makes it easy for your users to access the information or products they seek, navigate to the checkout or transaction point, find solutions for their needs, and reach a confident decision-making point. This streamlined journey significantly increases the likelihood of conversion to paying customers.

This will vary depending on the full scope of the project. It’ll usually include insights, findings, recommendations and an implementation roadmap.

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A UX Audit and UX Research are different services (although there is some overlap). A UX Audit will focus on understanding how users interact with your product and how to make it better for them. Meanwhile, UX Research will dive deep into the hearts and minds of your users with the primary goal of better understanding them.

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